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Simple Ways to Earn from a Side Hustle When You’re a Fitness Guru

Aren’t we all just trying to survive? Aren’t we all making ends meet? Shouldn’t we look for side hustles aside from our 9-to-5 jobs? Isn’t it more practical to earn while we’re doing something we love? If you’re into health and fitness, you can make a profit from that. Never has been fit become such

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The People You Need in Your Contacts List

Adulthood is not just about having a stable job, buying a house, or starting a family. It’s also about making and keeping connections, from friends and family, colleagues and acquaintances, and people in positions of power. These should be the top contacts you remember so that in times of need, you’ll have someone to help

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What Kind of Life Insurance Should I Get?

The first question that people ask when they hear about life insurance is: “Do I need it?” The question should be: “Will someone suffer financially if you die tomorrow?” If the answer is yes, then you do need life insurance. Your beneficiaries can either be your spouse, kids, parents, or siblings. They can use the money from


Separation Anxiety: Battling the Pain and Challenges of Divorce

A newlywed couple may seem happy, content, and complete at first. During the early phase of their married life, they experience what it’s like to live together under one roof. However, as the years go by, their fortitude as spouses will be tested constantly. Sadly, not all married couples have what it takes to last

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Are Parents Legally Responsible When Their Kids Hurt Your Child?

One day, you get a call from the daycare saying that your child was rushed to the hospital. Your initial instinct is to make sure that your child is okay. Next, it is to find out who the culprit is. Wouldn’t it be easier to know that an adult is responsible for what has happened

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What Does it Take to be a Good Paralegal?

Although they’re not always given the recognition they deserve, paralegals have been boosting the legal system since the 60s. Their vital bodies of work have won cases, upheld the law, and kept the justice system intact. But aside from Erin Brockovich and the fictional Rachel Zane, do people really know other paralegals in history? Here

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