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Bankruptcy petition

Filing for Bankruptcy: Why You Shouldn’t Have the Means

When your debt piles up and you owe more than you can afford to pay, it may be time to file for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy, however, is not an easy process. It requires you to compile all of your financial records, attend a credit counselling, and complete and submit a number of forms. Aside

DIY project

DIY Personalised Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Whether you are giving them for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasions, gifts are a lot more special if they are specifically designed for their recipients. You just need a little customisation to turn a generic gift into a treasured memento. Here are some DIY personalised gift suggestions for you. Chalkboard wine glasses You

Female student writing

The Good Thing About Awkward Silence in Class

A Q&A session is one of the most practical ways to engage kids in class. But it isn’t necessarily the most effective. It’s not because the questions are hard or the students are inattentive. The problem is that some teachers feel uneasy about awkward pauses, fighting the urge to have answers right away.   It’s

Social media windows

Visual Social Media Is Integral to Any Business Strategy

Words have so much power that we think carefully about how we use them in our ads. The marketing of any business or product can succeed or fail because of the word choice. Grammar also matters, because your brand’s professionalism can easily be judged through the typographical errors you didn’t catch. These days, however, it’s

School library

Library Lovin’: How to Set Up the Perfect School Library

The importance of a school library can never be overemphasised. According to the experts from the ACT Education Directorate, thriving school libraries help develop students who can locate, analyse and use information effectively. They introduce to students the important habits of reading, conducting valuable research and doing advance schoolwork during their free time. However, while

man and woman skydiving

An Optimistic Outlook: Living a Fuller Life

The world teaches everyone a lot about success—that success is about standing on a pedestal as a leader. It is all about earning big money. It is all about having a stellar career. But this is not always the case. Success will always be subjective. Its form will depend on the person who lives the